Letting God be at work

‘…God, who gives life to everything’ 1 Timothy 6.13

You probably have plans for the day ahead. In some areas it is quite easy to see how God could work, whereas in others it is more difficult to see what he might do. The natural tendency is to focus on moments you may be dreading, or which cause you anxiety, but this causes difficulties because you are looking at events from your perspective rather than from the possibility of what God could do.

This verse is so encouraging to take into the day ahead: ‘God, who gives life to everything.’ Why not let your plans run through your mind, and at each different event apply these words to it. In doing this, you are increasing your awareness of God’s power to work in every situation, as these words proclaim not only that God will be there, but also that he gives life to everything. If there is life, there is hope, and you can enter the hours ahead with joy and peace rather than fear.


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4 thoughts on “Letting God be at work”

  1. I was trying to book a place for the Saturday encounter. Couldn’t remember my password, then the info says it doesn’t recognise my e-mail!!!
    Shalom Jean <


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