Dead to the pull of sin

‘In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin…’ Romans 6.11  

The first way that we are encouraged to change the way we think about ourselves is to see ourselves as ‘dead to sin’.  In other words, dead to all its temptations and enticements.  The implications of this are incredible, and over the next three days we are going to look at what this means for us.

We are all subject to temptation – even Jesus – but there is a world of difference between being tempted and actually sinning; we do not necessarily have to walk along the path that leads from temptation to sin.  What can make all the difference is our attitude; whether we allow our thoughts to dwell on what is unhelpful or turn them away to focus on other things.  Being dead to the pull of sin means that we do not have to dwell on the things that tempt us – even though this may well be very challenging at times.  We are able to make a choice and to decide not to jump to its call.

Spend a little time being honest with Jesus and telling him about any sins or temptations in your life that threaten to lead you astray or drag you down.  He loves you so much and wants to reassure you that he is with you to help, and that the liberating truth is that temptation really does have no power over you.

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