Looking Up

‘Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.’ Colossians 3.1 

After assuring us that we have been raised with Christ, Paul goes on to instruct our hearts to make this leap – seek the things that are ‘above where Christ is’.  This stunning invitation has so many implications.

First, it encourages us that we have access to everything that is above.  It would be unfair to invite us to aim for what is inaccessible, like showing a child a present only to tell them that they cannot actually have it.

Secondly, the range of what is available is truly amazing.  What is your current need – strength in temptation, improved self-esteem, forgiveness, a miracle in some area of your life?  You have access to all you need because you have been raised with Christ.  It is not so much that you need to implore Jesus to give things to you, but that you have been invited into his presence where all you need is freely available.  What you need is ‘above’, and you now live in that place ‘above’.  

Prayer is not begging for something that God might be unwilling to give you, but rather beginning to look in wonder at what is there for you.  Let this begin to sink in, and as you ‘set your heart on things above’, give thanks for all that is available for you.


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