Living with a dove on your shoulder

‘…the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove.’ Luke 3.22

Imagine if this were true of us! Just think what it would be like to live with the dove of the Holy Spirit resting on your shoulder. What difference would it make to the way you live? You would probably try harder not to sin and avoid things that the dove would not like.

Communication with this dove would be important, and whether or not he spoke in your mother tongue, you would naturally sense his communication and know whether he was peaceful and at rest, or in a state of agitation and distress. If this dove could speak to you in words, you would probably be extremely eager to hear his voice at every point of the day.

Why not seek to walk through the next 24 hours with an awareness of the dove of the Holy Spirit upon your shoulder? If you are aware of what your actions are doing to him and what he is seeking to communicate to you, your day might well be transformed.

Why not listen to one of John’s one-minute talks about being aware that we are ‘living in two worlds’

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