Finding God right now 

‘. . . seek his face always.’ 1 Chronicles 16.11

This command to actively seek the presence of God at all times seems so challenging, yet what underlies it is very good news for us: God can be found at all times. If this was not true, why encourage us to seek him? 

Seeking God becomes much easier if we know he is there. It is a hopeless task to search for someone who is absent, but to seek our God who is always with us becomes a search full of excitement and possibility.

The practical application of this command to seek God is far-reaching. What is it you are lacking? Whether it is strength, confidence, wisdom, love or patience, the answer comes down to a simple command – seek God’s presence first.

How? There are probably countless ways, but it starts with the knowledge that God is there, waiting.

Ask yourself, “Where is Jesus for me right now?” As you engage with this question, be aware that it is Jesus showing you where he is for you at this particular moment and not you trying to imagine where he might be. Find him, rejoice in his presence and enjoy him.

Let yourself be drawn back to God through the day by regularly repeating these words, “Seek his face always.” |

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