I am a delight! | 2

“He will take great delight in you” Zephaniah 3.17

It is quite easy to see why many people feel that on a good day they might be tolerated by God! There are so many sermons about God’s hatred of sin and his wrath upon sinners that it is only natural to assume human beings are not easy to love. Added to that, we are only too aware of our failings so it is easy to catch a sense of his displeasure in us personally.

This view will always prevail if we look at ourselves and our lives first and then go on to build up a picture of God. A far better place to start is by looking at God.

The picture of God presented in the Bible is quite different from the outline above. It speaks of a God who loves us so much he gave Jesus for us; hardly the action of a God who simply tolerates us. Toleration does not lead to sacrificial giving, delight does. When we read that God takes great delight in us, it is his giving of Jesus for us that shows this to be true.

Can you really believe that God delights in you personally? Fixing your eyes on the person of Jesus will reveal this to be true and your desire to encounter him shows your belief in the truth of this.

Take a moment to focus on the Father’s pleasure in you, the Father who gave Jesus for you. Then ask the Holy Spirit to bring Jesus to you so you can sit in the company of the one who revealed God’s delight to you.