Being godly to others

‘Let love and faithfulness never leave you’  Proverbs 3.3

This beautiful proverb gives us an insight into God’s heart for us as we interact with others. So often we question what God wants us to do in a particular situation, but if we remember to act with love and faithfulness, we won’t go far wrong.

In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul painted a marvellous practical picture of what love in action looks like. If you can hold fast to this when you are in the company of others – being kind, not boasting and keeping no record of wrongs – you will be doing God’s will in these situations.  Similarly, we are also called to faithfulness. Perhaps one way of describing this is to grasp God’s vision for the person you are with and what he wants for them. If you can hold onto the fact that God wants to bring abundant life to them, you are more likely to try to be God’s hands and voice to them.

Turn this proverb into a prayer and keep these words on your lips when you meet and talk with others: ‘Let love and faithfulness never leave me.’

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