What can you do?

The repairs next to him were made by the priests from the surrounding region.’ Nehemiah 3.22 

When Nehemiah set about the task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, each person or group of people was responsible for a particular section. No individual was responsible for everything, and all the people had their part to play. 

We can all see there is much to be done in the world around us; the challenge is so great. However, God does not expect any individual to try to solve all the problems of the world single-handedly. Instead he gives a particular area of responsibility to each of us and helps us to make it our own challenge and calling. 

There are many things you are called to do – things specifically assigned to you and no one else. If you took this responsibility seriously, you could have a real impact on those around you. One area is to guard what comes out of your mouth; James says the tongue can corrupt the whole body (James 3.6). If you regard life in terms of building the walls for God, perhaps the segment over which you can take responsibility is watching what comes out of your mouth. What a difference it would make to the people you are going to meet over the next few hours if you resolve not to say one negative thing. Perhaps it would begin to change your heart as well. 


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