New every morning

‘Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvellous things’  Psalm 98.1

When we pray, it is easy to get into particular habits! This may not be bad in itself as a certain rhythm in prayer can sustain us as we seek to develop a regular pattern and discipline of prayer in our lives. However, the danger is that we fall into a dull and lifeless pattern, simply praying for the same things in the same old way that we have always done.

We find sensible advice in the words of this psalm: ‘Sing to the Lord a new song.’ In other words, let’s not treat prayer like superstition, fearing that if we don’t do it in a certain way then our prayers won’t be heard. Instead let’s come afresh to God each day, doing or saying something different because ‘. . . his compassions never fail. They are new every morning’ (Lamentations 3.22-23). Every day there is a freshness about the love of God, and a new joy in his heart as he sees us turning to him.

As you spend time with God today – and it is a new day, a different day from yesterday – why not try approaching him in a fresh way?

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