Bringing God pleasure

‘But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”’ Genesis 3.9

There is a real sense of sadness in this question.  The picture we have is of God walking in the garden looking for the one he loved to walk with him – but he was not there because he felt ashamed to be with his God because of what he had done.

The implications of this are incredible.  It gives God pleasure to walk with us.  We often think of our walk with God in terms of our obedience to him – and of course this is a part of it – but suppose it is more?  What if God enjoys walking with us; taking pleasure in our company and missing us when we are not with him?

Perhaps you are tempted to react with a certain cynicism: why would he be that bothered with you when he has plenty of other people to walk with who appear to be far holier than you?  Why would he miss you? 

God would miss you because you are individually created by him.  You bear a unique touch of him that no-one else has and there is something about you that is unlike anyone else.  This is what God misses when you do not walk with him.  Take a moment to turn to him and give him that pleasure. |

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