True friendship

‘They also failed to show kindness…’ Judges 8.35

At the end of the story of Gideon, after all his service to his people, we are told that the people turned away from God and didn’t show kindness to Gideon’s family.

The same word that is translated as ‘kindness’ in this verse is one of the words God used to reveal his character in Exodus 34.6, which says that he is ‘abounding in love’. The point is this: people may indeed fail you, they probably always will, but the promise of God is that he offers you a friendship that can never be bettered, and he will never let you down. 

There are three implications of this:

First, you can keep coming back to God. No matter what you do wrong, or how many times you feel you have failed, you can keep coming back to God, who will never close the door to you. 

Secondly, you can share your concerns with honesty and trust. God is not going to be shocked by anything you share with him. He has been dealing with humanity for quite a while now and has probably heard everything!

Thirdly, you can trust him. His infinite love and patience means he will always be there for you. 

The kindness of God is real; you can take it to heart and be assured of it. He is with you now, wanting to be closer than anyone else is to you. Trust in this kindness and begin to talk to him.

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