He is mighty to save | 1

“The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save.” Zephaniah 3.17

The very heart of our hope can be summed up in this beautiful verse: that whatever we are going through, either external difficulties or inward torments, we are not alone. It is also a reminder that the nature of our God, who is with us, is not to sit by casually watching our distress, but to intervene in power and bring change. How can this be more of a reality for us?

One way of seeing the presence of God turned into action is to be more open to the different ways in which his help and salvation might come. The warrior God may well step in and intervene with his mighty sword – or we may be ministered to in a completely different way. The Bible illustrates some of the different ways in which the Lord brings provision. For example, there are several occasions where people are supernaturally fed: in the wilderness, the people of God were fed regularly by manna appearing on the ground; in the Gospels, Jesus fed a large crowd by multiplying food in his hands; and Elijah rested whilst ravens brought him food.

What is your need? It may be helpful to spell it out or, even better, write it down. At the end of the day, or in a week or so, look at what you have written and record on the same page anything that relates to your need being met. In this way, be aware of Jesus, who stands with you and is mighty to save.