Being who you were created to be

‘…and the man became a living being.’ Genesis 2.7

It has been said that a tree gives glory to God by being a tree.  In other words, it does not try to be what it is not but is simply content being what it was created to be.  In a similar way we give glory to God when we are ourselves; not trying to be someone else but finding a contentment in being the person God created us to be.

We can also look at this more generally.  What is it that we, as humans, were created to be?  If each of us can find the truth for ourselves then we are going to find that our personal contentment grows.

As we read the account of the creation of Adam, we discover that a number of tasks or callings were given to him, and in each of these it is possible to see something of what it means to be a fully alive human being.  As we look at these, a good question to ask yourself is how much they are a part of your life and how you can take hold of them in a deeper way so that you might be more of the person you were created to be.

Before we embark on this journey over the next day or so, take to heart this truth and revel in it – you give God glory simply by being yourself and not imitating anyone else.  He loves the way you are.  After all, he created your inmost being, that part of you that makes you wonderfully unique.