You are radiant

‘Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.’ Psalm 34.5

It’s likely that we all think of ourselves as people who look to the Lord and seek to make him the priority in our lives.  Yet if we are honest, we would all admit that although there are times when we are aware of looking to him, there are also times when we are aware that we do not.  You can probably look back on great chunks of the day when you had no awareness of God at all.  However, it’s quite likely that in the times when you do deliberately focus on his love and what he has done for you, you are more likely to find a certain inner peace and rest from the pressing effects of the situations crowding around you.

The truth is that God is in us all the time, whether or not we are aware of him and whether or not we consciously call out to him.  This is so encouraging; we are radiant with God because of his presence within us through his Spirit.  He is never far from us and by simply uttering the name of ‘Jesus’ we can regain that consciousness of his nearness to us, for we are not speaking his name to one who is far away and hidden from us but instead to one who is already so close to us.

Rather than feel guilty about the times when you do not look to God, see this as an invitation to keep looking towards him – and it’s as simple as letting Jesus’ name be on your lips.