Recapturing the wonder of healing

‘Yet I hold this against you: you have forsaken the love you had at first.’ Revelation 2.4

Waiting for healing to take place can cause our attitude to keep changing.  When we first discover the very real possibility that Jesus heals today, we can be caught up in the wonder of his presence and power.  However, if our prayers are not quickly answered we begin to walk a journey of persistence as we seek God’s healing touch, and as time goes on our original sense of wonder can be replaced by a creeping legalism.

This is likely to begin with an honest searching for anything that might be blocking God’s activity in our life but can all too easily lead us to approach God with what hints at conditional love.  We find ourselves putting conditions on his amazing love and grace: “God will only heal me if …”

In the book of Revelation, when Jesus spoke to the church in Ephesus, he called them back to the wonder of their first love for him.  This is something we need to capture.  Of course, this does not just apply to healing but to every aspect of our Christian life.

Come back to the sheer wonder of the love and grace of God for you.  Seek his healing from the hand of the living Jesus, who throughout the pages of the Gospels never put conditions on those he touched but demonstrated the sheer wonder of God’s love.