Blessing others

‘Then David knew that the LORD . . . had exalted his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel.’ 2 Samuel 5.12

Why would God want to bless us?  It is tempting to analyse our lives and rake over all the things we have or have not done as we wonder if we have been good enough to be blessed by God. Our tendency is to see the blessing of God as a reward for good behaviour.

There are many reasons why God blesses us.  A fundamental reason is because it is in his nature to bless so he does it naturally.  Another reason is what this verse alludes to – God blessing someone for the sake of other people.

It is true that God loves all of us individually and yearns for us to enjoy a personal relationship with him, but this relationship is not confined to us sitting in isolation for 24 hours a day soaking up his love for us personally.  He blesses us for the sake of other people.  Every one of us is a gift to those with whom we come into contact; we bear God’s presence, love and hope to them.  He loves to pour these things into us so that we can enjoy them, but also so that we can share them with others.

Who will you meet today?  Recognise that you are a gift from God to them.  This has nothing to do with how good or how worthy you feel but is all about God’s desire to bless them through you.