God’s generosity

‘…how much more …’ Romans 5.10

It is probably true that many people have an image of God that is smaller than the Bible reveals.  This may be because the image it provides is almost unbelievable! These three words – ‘how much more’ – aptly describe our amazing God.  Since he has already done so much for us, we know that there is likely to be even more in store for us in the future.

However, many of us have a tendency to think that because God has already done so much, surely this must be our lot?  God has already been so generous to us in the past, so what right do we have to expect any more?  Yet this is not what the Bible reveals.  It tells us that if God was willing to send Jesus to die for us, even when we had no relationship with him, then how much more will he do for us now that we are in relationship with him.

Grasping God’s generosity is so much easier when you begin your prayer times by coming back to the truth of your relationship with him, so that rather than launching straight into your requests you begin with the wonder of him being your ‘Abba, Father’.  Keep this truth uppermost in your mind; rest and rejoice in it and let any requests you might have flow from being in this glorious relationship with him.