Restoring people

march26“This is what the Lord says… Rescue from the hand of his oppressor the one who has been robbed.” Jeremiah 22.3

When Jeremiah spoke to the king in the name of the Lord, he gave him a message he wanted everyone to hear: rescue those who have been robbed. It is tempting to ask what this has to do with you, but actually you are surrounded by people who have been robbed.  Many have had their sense of value, both to God and to others, stolen from them. Psalm 139.15 speaks about how we were all individually created and formed by God. It is this that has been robbed from people. You are surrounded by folk who are discouraged, think their lives are meaningless and lack any real sense of their own worth either to God or to others. How can you be involved in their rescue? One of the answers is by encouragement.

If you can actively spend time each day encouraging someone, it would amount to many people over a fairly short period of time. It might even consist of something as small as speaking to people you would normally ignore or complimenting someone on work well done. Your words might be the only encouragement someone receives, and when you give it you are playing your part in restoring the value that has been robbed from them.