‘Those who make them will be like them’ Psalm 115.8 

The psalmist is speaking about idols, and in this comment he shares his conviction that we soon begin to reflect the things that we worship.  There is, of course, a logical truth to this.  When we begin to greatly honour something we value it, often to the extent that we seek to emulate it in some way ourselves.  An obvious example is that if we started to honour wealth we would probably choose to be around those who were wealthy; we would learn from them and more than likely become envious of their life-style and what they have.  Perhaps this is why God loves worship. 

As we worship we reflect upon the true nature of God – his self-giving love, deep compassion and the truths about his kingdom – and we begin to catch his values.  Over time it is likely that we will increasingly open ourselves to the reality of these values in our own hearts.  Worship is not about singing but is about transformation. 

We all worship something and as we give our hearts we are being transformed.  As you consider your life, does anything come to mind that is being given a place of honour and valued more than you would wish?  If so, return to God now and ensure that what you are worshipping on a daily basis is your loving Father God.