Keep looking!

‘Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.’ 1 Chronicles 16.11

When the Bible speaks about the face of God, it is more often than not a reference to his manifest presence. However, this is more than a general presence of God that permeates all creation, it is something we are all urged to be aware of and to seek. This verse also suggests that finding the presence of God should not simply be an encouraging experience but is important as a means of finding the strength we need for our lives.

This lovely invitation to seek God’s face must mean it is possible to do so, as it would be extremely unfair to urge us to do something that is unattainable. In fact, one of the first keys to discovering the presence of God is to recognise that it is meant for you and you can certainly find it. The second key is to realise that the presence of God is not an abstract feeling but flows from a person: ‘Look to the Lord…seek his face.’

As you settle down to pray, and before you say anything to God, take time to assure yourself of his love for you and ask Jesus to be right there. Pay attention to where Jesus is for you and begin to talk to him as you would a friend.