Being thankful

“He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him” – Luke 17:16

The story of the ten lepers in Luke 17 is well known. All of them receive healing from Jesus, one of them comes back to give thanks. It is interesting that all ten of them are physically healed but to the one who comes back Jesus says “your faith has made you well” (The Greek word is ‘saved’). It seems that they all got something, but the one who came back got even more, perhaps the thing he got that the other missed out on was relationship with Jesus.

We are probably not very good at giving thanks to God. We are quick enough to call to him when we are in need, but slow to give thanks when we receive his help. It is not that God needs our thanks – or that he keeps a tally of those who write thank you letters and those who do not. But perhaps he enjoys our thanksgiving because he knows that it actually blesses us. We receive more by thanksgiving, we enter a little bit more into that relationship that he gave everything to establish.

Call to mind something which you have seen as God’s particular blessing to you. Sit with him and share what it meant to you. Let his gift to you turn to thanks, and the deepening of relationship with him.