Choose life

“Choose life” – Deuteronomy 30:19

Throughout each day every one of us has to make choices. Some choices are easy, and probably not very important. Other may be on a different level, and much may depend on the outcome of those decisions.

What is the governing factor that determines what we choose? Deuteronomy has this beautiful advice for us as we look to make some of the more important choices before us – “choose life”.

What does this mean? How do we put it into practice?

To choose life is to take the course of action which aligns us to the heart of the one who said “I am the life.” It may not be the easiest choice, or the one which is most advantageous to us personally, but it will be the one that spreads peace in our hearts.

It starts with deciding there is an option. We are not forced into making wrong choices, choosing life begins with choosing to believe there is an option. Secondly, choose to weigh up the options, which of them will bring us that peace in our hearts that nothing else can give. Making that choice is to choose hope.

Finally act on the choice, and enjoy the peace that follows.