Our value to God

“How much more valuable you are than birds.” – Luke 12:24

Our value to God shines through the pages of the Bible.  The care that God took over creation, the individuals he raised up to call people back to him.  The love for us that was demonstrated in the giving of Jesus.

Many people know all this – but the question they have is along these lines – but what about me?  Am I really of value to God?

It is the work of the Holy Spirit to write these truths in our hearts.  We can argue about it until we are blue on the face!  But on an individual level, we need to give the Spirit the space to speak to us, and then we have to co-operate with what he does.

Simply begin by sitting quietly – and ask Jesus through the Holy Spirit to show you your value to him.  Be aware of any thought that comes to you, it may be in the form of a picture or a verse from the Bible.  Write down anything that comes – and then choose to believe it.

God is longing for us to accept his love, for what that will do to us, for the joy it will bring him, and for the way it affects how we are with other people.