Jesus in the pain

‘Jesus wept.’ John 11.35

This is a strange verse if you stop to think about it. Lazarus, a good friend of Jesus, had indeed died, so no wonder Jesus and others felt grief and pain, but we have already been told earlier in the story that Jesus knew what he was going to do. He was about to reveal the glory of God by calling Lazarus from the grave. So, knowing this, rather than weeping surely a more fitting reaction from Jesus would have been joy and worship in the power of God that was about to be demonstrated?

However, Jesus’ tears show us something extraordinary about him: they reveal his ability to fully enter into the reality of the situation despite what he planned to do to transform it. Even though he was about to perform an astonishing and transforming miracle, he could still feel the pain of the situation.

As you think about yourself and what you might be going through, know that Jesus cares about it and is fully able to enter into the pain of your feelings. He may be about to do something wonderful and he may be asking you to exercise trust, but he never ceases to see and care about your pain.

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