I matter to God

‘In the same way, count yourselves …’ Romans 6.11 

How do you see yourself?  It may be that the way you think of yourself tends to be rather negative.  However, this amazing verse invites you to begin to see yourself in two quite new ways. These will be explored in the next few days, but before focussing on them let’s consider the nature of the invitation.

We are all invited to ‘count ourselves…’.  In other words, to see ourselves in certain ways that may be contrary to how we would normally view ourselves.  So why do we look at ourselves in certain ways? Perhaps we have been told things by others and believed them, or that we have listened to the whispers of the devil who so loves to rob us of the good things God is seeking to pour into us.  You may long to see yourself differently but don’t seem able to do so, and so you slip back into believing the negative things about you must be true.

However, it is interesting that this verse, which encourages us to see ourselves differently, is not directed at specially selected or very experienced people, but rather at every Christian.  Whoever you are and whatever you have been through, you are invited to catch a new vision for your life.

So the first point to catch from this verse is that you matter.  Jesus’ arms are open wide for you and all the promises of God apply to you.  It wasn’t just that God loved the world so much that he sent Jesus, but that he loved you so much – and he still does!