The constant presence of God

‘…you are familiar with all my ways.’ Psalm 139.3

Logically this is true: since God sees everything that goes on, he must be familiar with all our ways.  Yet when David spoke these words, he was not simply making a truthful statement but was approaching the love of God with wonder.  The theme of this psalm is that God sees us through and through; he always has and he always will, and nothing he sees will drive him away from us.  He will always be with us.

There may have been times in your life when you wandered away from God.  In fact, you may well relate to the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15 and remember a time when you somehow became separated from the life with God that you once knew.  In the parable the shepherd goes in search of the missing sheep, but in this psalm the truth is expressed slightly differently.  The message it contains is that we can never escape from God in the first place.  Actually the parable and the psalm are expressing something very similar; we belong to God and he will not let go of us.

Coming back to God is not a matter of us searching for him, but rather about us turning back to the one who never left us in the first place.  He is familiar with all our ways and although he may not approve of some of them, he will never leave us because of them.

At this very moment God is with you, and since he knows everything about you there is no reason not to be honest with him. What do you want to say to him?