Be good

‘…be ready to do whatever is good’ Titus 3.1

Three times in this chapter (verses 1, 8 and 14) Paul stresses that a central calling upon us is to do good. How often do you feel that you have failed God because you do not match up to the grand callings that seem to mark the lives of some other people you know?

This is why it is so important to remember that you are not being asked to do what you cannot manage. You are simply being told to do good; to be on the lookout for acts of kindness you can do for others. This might include any range of things: thanking people for the things they do for you (even if it’s their job), encouraging others in their work, lending a helping hand or speaking to someone as you pass them in the street. The very phrase ‘do-gooders’ has become something we heap on others almost as an insult, whereas it is actually a calling, and one that every single one of us can fulfil.

We do not practise goodness so that we can find recognition, or so that others will notice we are being good – indeed, our very acts of goodness may be misunderstood or ignored by others. We do good because it is a reflection of the kindness of Jesus.