At peace with who you are

‘A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.’ Proverbs 14.30

Two opposing states of mind are noted in today’s verse: a peace with who we are and what we have, contrasted with an envy because we want more or want what others may have.

A heart at peace stems from being at peace with who you are: a unique creation of God, redeemed by Jesus in order that you might be more of the person he made you to be. You might sometimes want to be different – and might even think that God would like you to be someone else – but far from bringing him pleasure, this would sadden him beyond measure, as a unique part of his creation would be lost to the world.

Being who you are brings glory to God, as each of us reflects something unique about him. However, it may be that we only begin to reflect him when we start to believe this and give thanks for it. As you go through this day, the people you meet will find something in you which they cannot find in anyone else. You are God’s gift to those you will meet today.

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