God’s powerful touch

‘…touch the mountains, so that they smoke.’ Psalm 144.5

We all long for an increased touch of God upon our lives.  In fact, many would say that there really is no hope for us unless God reaches down and touches us.  There is very little we can do to get out of some of the messes in which we find ourselves.

It is a sobering thought that the touch of God can make mountains smoke.  This is the power available from just one touch of God.

We all know that technically the power of God could change any situation, but we are just not sure that he is actually going to bring his touch to us, or whether it will really make a difference.  This verse is such a helpful reminder of the awesome power of God that is available to us.  When Jesus touched those who were sick, he may not have caused the people to smoke, but his touch certainly brought the power of God to them!

A challenging and faith-building prayer would be: “Touch my life with the touch that can make mountains smoke!”  Yes, God is gentle, loving and kind – but he is also the one whose touch can open the eyes of the blind and raise the dead to life.  Let’s welcome the power of his touch upon us.