The inexhaustible love of God

‘Making Every Day Count’

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“After he had spent everything, there was a severe famine in that whole country, and he began to be in need.” Luke 15.14

This wayward boy, who at one time had been so rich, had squandered every single penny of his inheritance. Yet what remained was the amazing compassion of his father. The son might have spent everything and exhausted all his resources, but he could never exhaust his father’s love.

You may be rich or poor, triumphing or failing in your christian life, giving much or little to others; yet one thing you also possess which can never be exhausted is the deep, personal love and compassion of Father God for you. This is one reason why it is so helpful to simply whisper the word, ‘Father’, in complete and utter confidence that when the Father hears this word on your lips, he knows it comes from someone he loves deeply.

Whatever this day holds for you, live it with the confidence that you are deeply loved by Father God. Hold on to this and let it be personal for you.