What is trust?

‘Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.’ Psalm 62.8

It’s very easy to tell people who are in need, ‘Trust in God!’  In saying this, we are often encouraging them to take an extra leap of faith or a deeper level of trust.  In some way it’s a calling to do slightly more than they are already doing.

However, when this psalm encourages us to trust in God it is more than a simple cliché for we are also encouraged to pour out our hearts to him.  The writer was saying that to trust God was not just about having confidence that everything would turn out fine, but also about trusting him with all our emotions and feelings – especially when we do not think that everything is going to turn out well!

One of the most wonderful privileges about worshipping our God who knows everything is that we do not have to put on any masks or pretend to be or feel anything different from what is really going on within us.  Why not pour out your heart and speak honestly to him right now?

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