The mission carries on | 1

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me” Luke 4.18

There is a landmark moment in the ministry of Jesus which is described by Luke in chapter 4 of his Gospel. At the beginning of his ministry Jesus went into a synagogue and found the reading he wanted to use as the basis for his talk. The passage he chose came from Isaiah 61 and Luke records the reading for us along with snippets of the talk Jesus gave. Perhaps the most powerful words are those Jesus used to begin his talk: “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”

In these words Jesus seemed to be saying that this reading is what would mark out his ministry and set the scene for what people could expect from him. The biggest challenge for us is that these words still apply. As you find the presence of Jesus, the one in whose presence you stand is the same Jesus who stood up in that synagogue in Luke 4. He still has the same mission, the same vision and the same heart.

As we spend time over the next few days pondering aspects of this vision which he revealed, try to find the excitement that this is the same Jesus who is with you constantly, and this message is still his heart for you.

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