Kindness personified

“…he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.” Luke 6.35

The kindness of God is not something we often think about. We talk about God’s love, but this can be defined in all manner of ways, whereas to talk of the kindness of God is different.

The kindness of God is perfectly exemplified in Jesus, whose kindness was demonstrated in his ministry of going about doing good things – healing the sick, showing love and offering forgiveness – without first demanding a change in lifestyle.

The Bible tells us he hasn’t changed; Jesus is the same today (Hebrews 13.8). The one who lives in us, and to whom we call out, is kind. He cannot change who he is; kindness is his nature.

As you sit in his presence for a few moments today, it’s wonderful to think of him as loving, but also be aware you are sitting in the presence of kindness personified.  It does not matter what you have been like, his desire is to be kind to you.

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