Looking backwards and forwards

‘Continue your love to those who know you, your righteousness to the upright in heart.’  Psalm 36.10

The way in which these words are expressed is very comforting. They convey the sense that the love of God continues or carries on; it was there yesterday, it will be there for us today and it will be there tomorrow. Sometimes it is only by reflecting on yesterday and spotting instances of God’s love for us that we can have any real sense of where his presence has been. It is by seeing his love yesterday that we can trust in the presence of his love today and tomorrow.

Take a moment to jot down examples of God’s love in the past day. These may be occasions when you directly sensed his presence with you or when his love was expressed through the kindness and encouragement of others.

It may be that before you started this exercise you didn’t think there would be much to record, but as you began to focus on God’s love, your awareness of it increased. When you have compiled your list, give some thought to how it will help you be aware of what you can expect to see of God today. He will be with you so look out for him as the day progresses.


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