The invitation to us

“I say to you that many will come…” Matthew 8.11 

The story of the Centurion who turned down Jesus’ offer to come to his house is an inspiring story of faith.  However, at the end Jesus said something rather strange that seems to inject a note of foreboding into what was a beautiful story.  He spoke of many people coming to take their place at a feast, whilst others were thrown out into the darkness.

Strange though these words may seem, they are really very encouraging to us because they tell us that no matter who we are or whatever our background, we can come to God and be welcomed at his feast.

So often we question whether the things of God are really meant for us.  Is intimacy with God for me? Am I likely to enjoy friendship with Jesus?  The answer is yes!  God is there for you if you want him.  You do not have to be specially selected or hand-picked – if you want him, you can come to him.

Like any open door, the only requirement is to go through it.  Regard this as an invitation for you to enjoy the life with God that he wants for you, and to have a relationship with him that is every bit as good as you long to have.

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