Being Thankful

‘…overflowing with thankfulness.’ Colossians 2.7

Among the qualities Paul wanted to see displayed in the lives of Christians was an overflowing of thankfulness; a total, lavish abundance of thanksgiving that never ran out.

At times it can be a little irritating to be in the company of people who are always muttering, ‘Praise the Lord’ at every opportunity – but at least they are responding to God with thankfulness as Paul suggests! However, having genuine thanksgiving in our hearts is more than just words on our lips. So how can we foster such an attitude?

An obvious place to start is to be more thankful in your everyday life, not just to God for all his blessings, but also to the people with whom you interact. To appreciate and thank others for what they do for you is a great way to start.

Another way forward is to begin every prayer with thanksgiving. Quite often throughout each day, you may feel drawn to pray for people and situations you come across or hear about. Begin every prayer with a few words of thanksgiving. You might need to be imaginative, but at least you are beginning to encourage a fountain of thanksgiving to spring up, which will soon overflow from your heart and be obvious to all you meet.

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