Sharing God by being kind | 2

‘…blessed is the one who is kind to the needy.’ Proverbs 14.21

We are looking at the benefits of us being kind to those in need and have already noted that this reflects something of God himself, and brings blessing both to the recipient and to us.

Another reason why being kind is a great blessing to us is that when we are attentive to the needs of others, we take our eyes off our own needs.

It is so easy to become pre-occupied with our needs. Often, due to the nature of them, this is totally understandable; our own conditions can scream so loudly at us that there is not much space for anything else. Yet when we are able to change our focus and look at the needs of others, we become aware that we have something to give to other people.

No matter what we are going through ourselves, we all have something that we can input into the life of someone else, even if it seems such a small thing to us – like a kind word or a little help. You may feel this is something you want to pray about; to ask God to give you opportunities each day to show kindness to someone in need.

You are of immense value to God, even when you have many pressing needs of your own, and when you turn aside from your own concerns and show kindness to someone else, you are sharing with them some of the precious touches of God that he has grown in your life.

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