Prayer: his power and your faith

‘Some men came carrying a man on a mat … When Jesus saw their faith…’ Luke 5.18 and 20 

Jesus evidently saw something on the faces of those four men who brought their friend to Jesus.  I wonder what it was.  We are not told, but perhaps it was the expectation that something was going to happen.  Certainly, their action in digging up the roof was some indication of the seriousness with which they took their request!

It is so easy to pray without any real expectation that God is going to do anything.  It is not that we don’t have expectation, but we probably don’t think much about it.  We pray about things – and then sometimes completely forget that we have prayed.

Next time you pray for someone or for something, give some thought to what you are expecting to happen – not what you would like to see, but what you actually expect to take place.  Ask yourself whether you would be more surprised if God did something or more surprised if he did not!

Your response may well reveal something about the state of your faith, and you may find yourself challenged as you continue to pray for God’s healing touch in your life and in the lives of those around you.

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