Holding on to Jesus, no matter what

“Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live.” Mark 5.23 

When we are thinking about healing, the question of expectation is very real.  What should we expect to happen?  Should we change our expectations when circumstances begin to change?

Jairus had an expectation of what Jesus would do.  He expected Jesus to heal his sick daughter, and Jesus certainly did nothing to discourage him.  In fact, Jesus seemed to respond positively to him and there appeared to be every expectation that he would bring about the very thing that Jairus was requesting.  Then the circumstances changed and Jairus’ worst nightmare happened.  Not only did the situation get worse, but his daughter died.

We are not told of Jairus’ initial reaction, nor are we told what happened to his expectations, but we are told that the change in the situation didn’t affect the attitude of Jesus.  He still went to Jairus’ house and something wonderful happened.

It is very tempting to think that so much is down to us.  When things go badly, we look at the state of our faith and wonder if it is strong enough, or if God is punishing us because we are wavering.  This would be very cruel and is certainly not what seems to happen in this story.  When Jairus’ daughter died, it certainly was not because Jairus did anything wrong, nor was it a sign that Jesus had gone away.  He was still there, and he responded to the change in circumstances.

When things in your life seem to get worse, it doesn’t mean that you have done something wrong or that God has abandoned you.  He is still there so hold onto him.


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