The gentleness of Jesus

‘A bruised reed he will not break, and a smouldering wick he will not snuff out.’ Isaiah 42.3

When Isaiah saw into the future, he glimpsed something of the coming Messiah. This verse reveals that he saw something beautiful about Jesus, namely that he would be so gentle and tender to those he came to save.

We all need more and more of Jesus, yet what often stops us coming to him is fear – the fear that he may turn us away because of what we have done or that he will be disappointed in us in some way.

The revelation that gentleness and tenderness are the hallmarks of Jesus’ character is recorded precisely so that we can trust these words; it is safe to come to him. If we are bruised, he will not break us; if the fire within us has almost gone out, he will not extinguish it.

Perhaps you feel bruised by any number of things as you come before Jesus today. There may be things you want to bring to him, some personal or painful. With all that is on your heart, come to Jesus, who is revealed to be gentle and tender and is waiting for you to come to him.

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