Changing your glasses

‘But it was because the Lord loved you …’ Deuteronomy 7.8

An old saying, ‘Seeing the world through rose tinted spectacles’ is about choosing to view life in a positive way. As Christians who bear God’s presence, we, too, are called to view life with a specific outlook, with a vision of God’s love.

In this part of Deuteronomy, Moses was reflecting upon the experiences of the Israelites and commenting that the reason for their success in battle was not because of their skills, but because of God’s great love for them. Yet so often it is a real challenge for us to put on the spectacles of God’s great love for us. The temptation is to think it is easier to remember God’s love in times of blessing than in times of hardship, but in reality, we are most likely to forget about him in times of blessing.

The ability to rest in the love of God always is something to cultivate. One way of doing this is to begin your prayers with the word ‘Father’ and then pause. Let the wonder of this word play through your mind, and along with it the knowledge that the one to whom you pray is also the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Begin your day with this one word and let the knowledge of God’s love for you grow.

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