It’s OK to be in need | 2

“Come to me . . .” Matthew 11.28

It has been said that one of the hardest things to do is to pray. We would much rather try to solve a problem ourselves, or even worry about it, than to bring the issue to Jesus and leave it at his feet.

There may be a number of reasons why we find praying so hard. Part of it may be that to pray is to acknowledge that we need help and we are not self-sufficient, which can be such a difficult thing for us to admit. Yet that is precisely what Jesus invites us to do with these words.

It is very noticeable in the Gospels that Jesus seemed to place a high value on people sharing their needs. It was often those who stepped out of the crowds or approached him who received healing. We may think that seems quite odd. Surely he could see the needs of those around him? If he loved them so much why didn’t he just get on with it and heal them?

We often have the idea that praying for our own needs should come at the end of our prayers for everyone else.  We might start with a time of worship, some thanksgiving, a healthy dose of confession and then finally our own requests. However, intercession for our own needs is worship – it is acknowledging that he is the Lord, that we have no power to help ourselves and that we submit to his intervention in our lives. It really is OK to pray for your own needs!

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