What is Jesus praying today?

‘Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.’ Hebrews 7.25

There are times when prayer seems to flow and other times when it’s like talking to a brick wall! This is probably the experience of most people.

Whatever our particular struggle with prayer at the moment, this amazing fact sheds a new light on everything: Jesus is praying for us. Whether we are praying or not, he is; whether prayer seems exciting or turgid to us, the most intimate conversation between Jesus and the Father is going on and we are the subject of that conversation. But what is Jesus praying for?

Jesus is both enthroned in heaven and dwelling in us through his Holy Spirit. Our bodies house his presence. Can we therefore catch the whisper of his intercession?

You may like to try dwelling on the Father’s love for you, and then ask Jesus what his intercession is for you today. His answer may come in a variety of ways – thoughts, words, pictures, Bible verses – but pay attention to whatever comes spontaneously into your mind as you ask that question. Write it down and ponder it as his prayer for you today.

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