Where is Jesus for you?

‘Abraham reasoned that God could raise the dead.’ Hebrews 11.19

In his letter to the Hebrews, the author examines some of the ‘heroes’ of the Old Testament to highlight the importance of faith. As he does so, we discover snippets about the meaning of faith. One of those he lifts up is Abraham and the story of when he was asked to sacrifice the son who held so many promises for him.

In today’s verse we learn that after hearing what God said to him, Abraham pondered it and how it might work out. His faith was not based simply on blind obedience to what God had said, but on careful reflection. Perhaps he even had a vision of himself and his son walking back down the mountain. Abraham knew that he had to obey God and now knew how he was going to do it.

Like Abraham, we are all called to trust God. It may be that our future looks bleak, that we feel an insecurity about our life or that we are burdened with what we have to get through. Whatever it is, it’s hard to behave in a relaxed and happy way when deep down we are troubled. Yet what we can do is to try to find a vision for our day. This can begin by simply asking Jesus where he is for you and waiting to see what image or thought comes to mind. Hold on to it so that it can feed your faith in what God can do in you today.

You can hear more about finding Jesus in encounter prayer by listening to or watching a meditation by John Ryeland:


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