God is there – no matter what!

‘Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand.’ Psalm 73.23

When Asaph (the author of this psalm) wrote these words, he was not writing them in a moment of great joy and ecstasy when everything in the garden was rosy, but rather he admitted to being in a pretty dreadful state.  The words he used to describe himself were grieved, embittered, senseless and ignorant.  At times, most of us can probably relate to his feelings!

The trouble is that when we feel like this, we tend to think that we are somehow disqualified from enjoying the presence of God, as if we ought to be feeling a little more ‘holy’ or ‘upbeat’ to have a close awareness of him.  It’s very easy to feel as though God has departed from us.  So how wonderful that these words are written down for our encouragement!

No matter how you are feeling or what you have done, it is still true that you are with Jesus.  He does not leave you just because you are having a hard time or because you have done something wrong.  He is always there, and whether you feel it or not he holds you by the hand and guides you through the day.


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