What do you expect?

‘Our God is a God who saves;’ Psalm 68.20

This is a fundamental truth of our faith.  The very name ‘Jesus’ means ‘God saves’, and yet it’s surprising how quickly we can forget this and settle for less.  We can get used to the idea that God is the one who brings comfort and peace – and this is what we begin to pray for and expect.  We can easily forget that whilst God’s peace and comfort are marvellous gifts, there may well be more he wants to bring to us and to our situations.  If we could open the door to expectancy, then who knows what he might be able to do.

A challenging question to consider is what you are really expecting God to do in any given situation?  Are you expecting him to comfort or save you?  It’s probably true that your expectation frames your prayers, and whereas you might think you are being submissive in praying that his will be done – whatever his will is – it is interesting to note that Jesus never seemed to encourage those who came to him to pray in this way.  He seemed to value honest needs being expressed.

As you approach God, what is it you would like to ask him to do?  This is not what you think you ought to ask, but how would you like the God who saves to touch you?


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