Letting God be in everything

‘All things were created by him, and all things exist through him and for him. To God be the glory for ever!’ Romans 11.36 (GNB)

This is one of those statements we come across in the Bible that is so easy to gloss over without really taking in what it says.  There is one phrase that seems to stand out – that all things exist for him.  What could this mean?

Supposing every situation in which you find yourself has the potential to lead you closer to God.  You probably have no difficulty in recognising that some situations are in God’s hands because there have been moments in your life when you could clearly see his hand at work in them.  However, it is completely different to see the potential for God to work in every single situation in which you find yourself.

It is actually your attitude that transforms every situation into an opportunity for God to act.  Are you able to turn to him in every situation and offer it to him for his glory?  This begins by keeping the name ‘Jesus’ on your lips in every idle moment, and then you will naturally find it there in times of crisis.

Why not begin now?  Spend the next five minutes simply whispering the name ‘Jesus’, and then try to keep his name close to you throughout the day as you see him turn situations to his glory.


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