Jesus as your brother

‘Pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers.” Matthew 12.49

This simple statement reveals the regard with which Jesus holds those who follow him.  It is not simply a case of us aligning ourselves to him, but rather that he aligns himself to us and sees us as part of his family.

The idea of Jesus being our brother, however, can cause difficulties for us; it seems a little too familiar and can reduce him from being Lord to being a ‘mate’.  However, it is not so much the sense of us calling Jesus ‘brother’, but more of him calling us ‘brother’ or ‘sister’.  It is about his identification with us; he is proud to be associated with us, to stand with us and to be available for us to bring to him our real feelings and thoughts.

At times it’s tempting to bring to Jesus a slightly unreal version of ourselves – a little holier and more devoted than we really are.  Yet by being willing to be associated with us, he invites us to come to him just as we are; even with our doubts, insecurities and failings.  It is this person, the real you, whom he wants to call ‘brother’ and ‘sister’.  So be honest with him.

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