Setting God before you

‘I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.’ Psalm 16.8

This verse is a powerful help to us in difficult times and it’s particularly helpful if we work backwards through the phrases!  The very fact that the author writes about being shaken means that he is experiencing some difficulty, and many of us can identify with this.  Perhaps you need God’s divine touch in some aspect of your life at the moment?  Sometimes our need can cause us to doubt his love, and yet we desperately do not want to lose sight of this – we want to stand firm.  So how can we stand firm and not be shaken?

Our ability to do this is based on the knowledge that God is with us; he is at our ‘right hand’.  Whatever we are going through – whether it be sickness, hardship or worry – knowing that God is with us changes our outlook and expectation.  It’s when we cannot find him that helplessness can set in.  So how do we find God?  David’s answer is quite clear – set him before you!

It’s not that David is ‘making up’ a sense of God’s presence, but rather that he is so convinced of God’s presence with him that he can, with great ease, imagine God there – because he is!  This was not David doing some imaginative exercise, but rather him tuning into the reality of God being there with him.

Take a moment to set the Lord before you.  Where is he for you?  How would you describe his presence with you?  Enjoy him!

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