The Power of his Word

‘And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Genesis 1.3

The truth behind this simple statement is this: God spoke and what he spoke came into being.  There is an incredible power to his words – creative power.  Sometimes in the ministry of Jesus, we read of him speaking and amazing things happening as a result of his words.  The question this raises for us is this – how seriously do we take the words of God?

Every time we read the Bible we are reading and interacting with the voice of God.  Each time we sense his voice in prayer, even if it is something as gentle as the assurance of his love, we are hearing the voice of God.  So what is the effect of his word upon us?

Perhaps creation was compelled to listen and to take his word seriously, but we have a choice.  Sadly, all too often, we choose to take his voice lightly, disregarding it or because it seems too good to be true we simply don’t believe that it is for us.

As you read the Bible today, what is the one phrase that seems to be underlined for you or lingers on in your mind?  Recognise this as God’s word for you today and let these words do what he desires them to do.

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