He has seen everything

‘In the beginning God…’ Genesis 1.1

We are going to spend the next week or so looking at some verses from the first few chapters of the book of Genesis.  Whatever stance we all take on how creation happened and the timing of it, one thing that unites believers is this simple fact: God was there at the beginning.  There is something humbling and releasing about this; God has seen the lives of every person who has ever lived.  He has been watching, calling and whispering to every single person – and he still does it to us.

We often think that we are the only people to experience some of the things that we go through; that our temptations are unique and our situations unlike any other.  Yet the truth is that God has literally seen it all before.  This does not mean that he simply lumps us all together in categories, but that he has seen folk come through the struggles facing them.  He has seen the effect of his grace upon people and there is a proven power in the words, ‘I can do all this through him who gives me strength.’ (Philippians 4.13)

God’s presence within us gives us power, and because he has seen its effect upon countless people throughout the ages, he knows what it can do, what we can achieve and that it is trustworthy.


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