Delighting in God

‘Blessed is the one … whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night.’ Psalm 1.2

Yesterday, we looked at what the psalmist suggested we should not do in our quest to find God’s joy – namely letting negative thoughts take root in us – so now the author goes on to outline the way to find all that God has for us.  At this point we might expect him to talk in terms of total obedience, whereas what he opens up to us is that the way to God’s heart is to delight in him and everything about him.

We don’t often consider what it means to delight in God.  It implies a real joy in his presence and an eagerness to be with him – but what are we meant to do if we don’t feel this?  One way to begin to catch a delight in God is to explore and stand on the truth of his delight in us.  Perhaps you are often put off approaching God with eagerness because of a sense of boredom (you simply may not find prayer very interesting) or because you are not sure what God thinks of you anyway.

As you begin to pray, put aside anything you usually ‘do’ in your time of prayer and let your mind simply dwell on this truth – Abba Father delights in you.  He takes pleasure in you, loves it when you come to him in prayer and is thrilled with your presence.

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