The wonder of hope

‘I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you’ Ephesians 1.18

Hope is the first truth on Paul’s list of what the Spirit longs to give us – the hope to which he has called us.  He seems to be saying that we are meant to be people of hope.

So what is hope?  Is it just a vague longing for something?  In the Christian faith hope is extremely powerful.  It has been described as the refusal to accept a situation for the way it is.  In other words, there is always more.

As we look at the world in which we live, it may seem as if we are at the mercy of powers and forces beyond our control – but hope says something different.  Hope says that the whole of history is actually being played out beneath the feet of the one who is enthroned on high.  As you look at your own life you may not be able to see a way forward, but hope says that God is not finished yet.  A sealed tomb could not hold Jesus so why should his Spirit within you be confined by the circumstances surrounding you?

Hope says there is always more.  Ask God for a vision of what he could do to transform the areas in your life in which you feel hopeless.  Catch his vision and don’t be held back by yours.

One thought on “The wonder of hope”

  1. John, am working on hope right now. I have a friend, 50 years old, Sharon Naylor, a lovely lady who has never done anyone any wrong in this world and she has an inoperable brain tumour. She won’t see any friends, so I am praying from a distance for her and was wondering if you could include her healing in one of your prayers please. Thank you.


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