Seeking his favour

‘Then Jehoahaz sought the LORD’S favour’ 2 Kings 13.4

We are told that King Jehoahaz was not a good man and because of his sin his country was oppressed.  In desperation, he turned to God and sought his favour.

I wonder what image this phrase conjures up for you?  Perhaps you can imagine Jehoahaz fervently pleading with God; doing everything he can to persuade him that he is worth helping and confessing all his sins in the hope of finding God’s approval. Whilst all this is probably true and could well be exactly what happened, it leaves out one key element: God is good and he is waiting for us to come to him.

No amount of praying and confessing changes the central fact that God is good, and he has been good all the time.  Confession changes us, but it doesn’t change God’s character.  He is always with us, has always loved us and we have his favour. Our part of the process is to have faith in this and believe it.

Whatever your situation in life, God’s love is there for you.  The word in today’s verse that is translated ‘favour’ is the same word that is used for ‘face’.  To seek God’s favour is to seek his face; in other words, to approach him who is already there, to come into his presence and enjoy him.

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