The present Lord

“The LORD lives!” 2 Samuel 22.47

This is the simplest of phrases and yet one of the most profound! What incredible words to speak over any situation – “The Lord lives!”

When we are going through a difficult time it is common to feel very alone with the problems.  Yet this is simply untrue, and the truth is that we are never alone. These words say it all – “The Lord lives!”

At any given time Jesus is in two places.  He is enthroned on high with every situation beneath his feet and all things under his Lordship.  There is nothing greater than him.  At the same time, he is alive in each of us – deeply present in every situation in which we find ourselves.  Wherever your feet take you, the presence of Jesus goes too; whatever situation dominates your thinking, your thoughts share the space in your mind with Jesus who is present with you through the Holy Spirit.  He really lives.

Jesus is with you right now, so take a moment to focus on his presence and proclaim to yourself that he is Lord over all the situations in which you find yourself.  Nothing is too hard for him; he is enthroned overall and he is also standing in your situation with you.  Take heart: “The Lord lives!”

Read more about bringing your focus back to the wonder of God at any time of day (or night!) on our encounter prayer website.

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