God’s agenda | 4

instagramsfebruary1912‘who… heals all your diseases’ Psalm 103.3

So much of the Gospels is taken up with Jesus’ ministry of healing, and yet when we pray for healing we do not see as much as we would like. Why not? We are told in John 14.12, “…anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing”, which suggests that Jesus saw his ministry of healing continuing into the future. So why don’t we see more healing?

One reason is that our very impatience for healing may distract us from what else God is seeking to do in our lives. Certainly there are occasions when Jesus did more than heal people. The woman who touched his cloak was healed, but he also wanted her to hear him call her ‘daughter’. In John 9.35, Jesus deliberately went after a man who had been healed so he could reveal who he really was to him. Perhaps for you, too, there are other things God wants to do in your life? When you are in need, spend some time in his presence and ask him.

Jesus is committed to healing all your dis-eases, but it may be that he would like to do this in a different order to what you had in mind.


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