God’s benefits | 2

instagramsfebruary1910‘… and forget not all his benefits’ Psalm 103.2

This psalm began with a call for every part of us to praise him and now it continues, ‘forget not all his benefits’.

The root of the word ‘benefits’ can also be translated as ‘dealings’. It is about what flows from God. Over the next few days we shall be looking in more detail at what does flow from him. The point is that God is not some remote figure who created this world long ago, and nor is Jesus a wonderful figure from history whose memory is enshrined in stained glass windows. The wonder of God is that he is a living God, alive and present for us today, who longs to be approached so that he can pour out his active love upon us.

The ‘benefits’ and ‘dealings’ we will look at are not like presents that drop from the sky, but instead flow from the living God. The words Jesus spoke in Matthew 11.28, “Come to me”, ring out to all of us. He is alive and wants you to come to him because he has so much to give you.

When you pray you probably like to use your own style and practice of prayer, but before you begin, call to mind that you are actually approaching the living God and coming into his very presence.


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