God is always there

“The land is still ours” 2 Chronicles 14.7

Many years after the Israelites had entered the land God had given them, and after many periods of uprising and rebellion, the king decided to build up and fortify some of the towns. He recognised that despite the passing of time and the many challenges, nothing had really changed; the land still belonged to them and it was still God’s gift to his people.

There may be times when you sense you are not as close to the Lord as you once were, possibly due to neglect, family commitments, a period of rebellion or simply being too busy. Yet this truth rings out: the land is still yours. All God’s promises are still there for you; his forgiveness, love, gentleness and concern are waiting for you to return to them.

It is tempting to think you need to do something significant to find God again, such as a period of deep repentance, yet the first step is to stand firm on this beautiful truth. He has not removed any of his love and care from you; the land is still yours. Wherever you wander, he is still your God. If you feel you have wandered away, come back to this love that is as strong now as it has ever been.


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