Sowing into tomorrow

‘But now you have rejected and humbled us’ Psalm 44.9

The pain and anguish of the author are evident in this psalm. It begins by looking back over the past when things were going well, but in the middle there is a change to consider the author’s present situation, where defeat and misery seem prevalent. What is worse for him is that in all his searching he is unable to see a reason for this suffering. It is not as if the people were being rebellious or wicked, and yet still there was suffering.

It may be you can relate to this psalm as you look back to a time when things were going considerably better than now. Perhaps you may be utterly unable to work out why things should be as bad as they are, or why your cries for help seem to elicit no response from  God.

One of the most remarkable things in this psalm is the author’s ability to cling to the wonder of God’s love, despite the pain and confusion of his situation. His final words in the psalm are a declaration of God’s unfailing love: ‘Rise up and help us; redeem us because of your unfailing love.’ Such a declaration is not made lightly and it comes out of a lifelong relationship with God.

This highlights the necessity of spending time every day reflecting on the wonder of God’s love for you, not simply because it benefits you today, but also because of what it sows into tomorrow and the days ahead. Take some time to do this now.


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